But before we get into it lets go back to how the name came about. I was living overseas in Canada with some amazing cats that i am lucky now to call my close mates. Initially it was a bit of joke and mocking the way stereotypical cali surfers talk…woah duuude that was zesty gnar dust mannn. Zesty beeing spicy and full of life and Gnar is short for Gnarley. It was there that it was first coined. Years later and back Australia (the mother land) Zesty Gnar had remained in my vernacular, and mind.
It was when i began to struggle with my life and demanding chef position i held that the foundation for ZG came to be. It was a another long shift in the kitchen and feeling the pressure to have everything completed i was working late and alone. i was feeling depressed and exhausted and badly needed support. So i called my mates and asked them to come in to the closed restaurant and we would could make some dinner and hang out.
We crowded into a tight kitchen in front of a stone pizza oven and i shared with them what it was that i did as a chef show casing some skills and ideas i had. well 12 hand tossed traditional Italian pizzas later, some off the classics like margarita, sausage and onion and some all invented in the moment, the Zesty bbq pork (which sold out as the special for the next day), a whole shortcrust desert pie and drinks later all beyond satisfied and sat content with the feast of fine food and finer company.
From that day Zesty Gnar has always been about getting the most important people in your life around you and sharing skills, time, love,stories, experiences and good food Thats what ZG stands for today, to share, build, experiment with safety and respect, give and take freely and always with the good of your mates. ZG is family, and wanting the best for them, wanting their success and seeing your family excel.
While ZG is still a regular food gathering for the original core crew, we have built our downhill skateboard family around the same principals. We look out for each other, teach, and support one another, giving all we can to make sure our family stays close and forever stoked!
If you share these ideals then you are part of out family too, and you have the Zesty Gnar in you.
Stay Zesty in what ever your Gnar is!

Zesty Familia